Norland Denture Centre

Injection Processing

Not all dentures are fabricated using the same materials or processes. With standard techniques, the acrylic used for the pink portion of a denture will shrink when it is processed, which can cause inaccuracies in the fit of the denture to your mouth. This shrinkage can cause a host of problems, including an inaccurate bite, sore spots and movement during eating and speaking.

Fortunately, a revolutionary system called SR Ivocap® has been developed that completely compensates for the processing shrinkage of the denture base material. The injection technology used in the SR Ivocap® system is considered the state-of-the-art in denture processing. The accuracy of this process results in a denture that will provide you with the best fit possible.

Norland Denture Centre is very proud to be one of the only clinics in Saskatoon to use SR Ivocap® exclusively on every denture we make.

Another step we take to provide you with the best quality possible.