Norland Denture Centre

A Higher Standard

At Norland Denture Centre, there are no such things as compromise or shortcuts in the fabrication of your dentures. It is important to understand that all dentures are NOT created equal.

It’s all in the details.

Worldwide, there are literally thousands of dental manufacturers that produce the teeth, acrylics, materials and equipment necessary to make dentures. Some are of the highest quality, but many are not. Unfortunately, some of these components may be substandard, resulting in poor-fitting, unnatural looking dentures that don’t last very long. A certain level of artistry, attention to detail and experience of the practitioner is also part of the equation. Many of these factors explain why all dentures are not the same.


Our philosophy has always been focused on pride in workmanship. There is no compromise.

Simply put, we take immense pride in the quality of our work, because you deserve it.

  • we use the highest quality teeth and materials available today
  • we use only the most advanced techniques in impression taking and bite registration
  • we use the revolutionary SR IVOCAP® injection processing system on all of our dentures for unsurpassed accuracy
  • utmost attention to detail for the most natural appearance possible
  • experience, experience, experience!

Combined with customer service that’s second to none, the Norland difference is one that you can see!